Internship in Africa

Go Internship Africa is an internship mediation agency with a difference! We engineer our intern’s experience to be aligned their idea of a perfect internship in Africa. We arrange the internship, student accommodation, adventure travel and social activities.

Internships in Africa

Enjoy a range of prestigious internships in Africa. Any internship you can think of, is available from marketing to engineering and fashion design. We work with multinational companies to provide you with world-class opportunities that make your CV look good and give you real skills. We also work with local firms to offer authentic internships in African companies too.


Africa is a very large continent and is home to many different cultures, all quite different to western culture. It can be challenging to find the right internship for you with such a cultural difference but Go Internship Africa is your agency on the ground, with offices in both Europe and Africa. We will help you with our network of university approved internship providers. We are your partner during an internship in Africa.

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Safety and security

Ten’s of thousands of foreigners visit Africa each year with no experience of danger or crime. We provide internships at safe local firms and large multinationals. We are the only internship agency to have management trained to react tactically if necessary in an emergency and even plan your route to work. Luckily, we have never had a serious incident before. We take an active interest in your safety while on an internship in Africa.


Africa is booming and has been the second fastest growing region in the world over the last 10 years with an annual growth of 5.1 percent over the past decade and is set for 7% growth over the next 20 years. A continent with rich resources and opportunity, Africa is set for explosive economic growth in the future. Enjoy an internship in Africa to be at the crescent of new development in private sectors. Internships are available at multinational or local firms.

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Adventure travel

Many students from all over the world come to Africa in search of adventure. We make sure you connect to other interns during social activities and adventure travel. Africa is alive at night too, enjoy a dancing the night away under the stars to local and international music.

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