Adventure Travel

Adventure travel and activities are part of the fun while on an internship in South Africa. Go Internship Africa arranges custom tours for interns FREE OF CHARGE as part of our added value to your time in Africa. Choose from adventures such as:

  • Big 5 Safari
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Canyoning
  • Hiking
  • Kite Surfing
  • Skydiving
  • Shark Cage Diving
  • Snorkeling with Seals
  • Surfing

We have close relationships with adventure travel service providers ensuring you quality and appropriate pricing. Let us arrange the perfect adventure travel package for you!

Look at the adventure travel options below …

Big 5 Safari:

See the Big 5: Lions, Leopards, Cape Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant. We can arrange your safari in more remote areas or 2 hrs from Cape Town.

Bungee Jumping:

The Bloukrans Bridge is the official highest jump (216 m) from a land structure in Africa and the world too! The trip is  about 4 hours drive from Cape Town to the Bloukrans Bridge. The package includes a video of you jumping the highest bungee. We can also arrange overnight accommodation for you.


Canyoning or Kloofing is another form of adventure travel that is growing in popularity. It involves abseiling across and jumping down high waterfalls in river ravines. You are provided with a wetsuit, go pro and guide to show where it is safe to jump.  Get prepared for some serious adrenaline and wet fun!


Go Internship Africa can arrange a number of hikes while on your internship in South  Africa. There are official hikes and hikes discovered by the Go Internship team. One of our favorites, is the Red Waterfall hike, this is a shorter2 hr hike and ends with a beach braai or barbecue, watching the sun set over the ocean. For more advanced hikers, we also have 2-day or 3-day hikes available on request.

Kite Surfing:

While on an Internship in Cape Town,  many interns opt for Kite Surfing. This sport is most dangerous when you are learning, so let the Go Internship team point you in the direction of a good company. Cape Town is surrounded by the ocean with breathtaking seascapes and many ideal spots for Kite Surfing. Read about Red Bull Kite Surfing


Skydiving is one of the most extreme adventures we offer as part of our adventure travel packages. At 9 or 12 00 feet in  the air, there is no going back! Luckily you are attached to a professional. When the door open of the aircraft you will feel a surge of adrenaline like no other!

Shark Cage Diving:

Go Internship works with the Shark Lady, Cape Town’s original expert on sharks and cage diving. She has worked with leading scientists and has been studying these great predators for many years. The Shark Cage lady will lead you to a close-up experience with one of the most perfect predators in nature!

Snorkeling with Seals:

Enjoy an up-close encounter with the ocean’s most playful pups. They will dance underwater for you and come up-close to say hello, even gently nibble on your arm! The company running this adventure has not seen a shark in the region for 20 years due to the cold water. You are provided with a Go Pro camera to film these playful, aquatic acrobats. This is an option for those doing an internship in Cape Town.


Once again, this option is available to those doing an internship in Cape Town, as the city and surrounding coastal towns are known for excellent surfing spots. It must be stated that there have been shark attacks in the past and interns should ask us about any recent attacks and for a refutable company to guide them. The surf is excellent!

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