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Interns are an asset to any company. The idea is to source the right kind of intern. Go Internship Africa works with leading business schools in Europe to provide companies with interns that offer high value. An excellent example was one logistics company saving R500 000 a month through the suggestions of an intern.


Character Traits

An intern should be reliable, creative and dedicated. The business schools Go Internship Africa works with produce just that type of individual. Let an intern have a go at an idea or project you’ve been meaning to get around to but just haven’t had the chance!



The idea is also to trust an intern to get on with a task. Go Internship Africa supplies large multinational firms, 5 Star hotels and even smaller firms with interns that make a difference. We are confident that we have an intern that will be a good ‘fit’ for your organisation. One company allowed an intern to manage a R3 400 000 monthly online advertising budget!


Streamline Process

Go Internship Africa takes away all the tedious follow ups and negotiation with the universities themselves. We arrange the student accommodation, car rental, adventure travel and take a genuine interest in the interns well-being. We also are there to help an organisation if a student needs some guidance.


Required of Company

All the company representative has to do is have a Skype meeting with the prospective intern, sign one document and we take care of the rest.


Rotate Interns To Keep Position Open

The idea is to keep the position open for a follow-up student to take over when the internship is complete. In this way the company has a position permanently filled at a far lower cost-to-company than a fully qualified employee on a full-time basis.

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Let Us help You!

Let Go Internship Africa source the right intern for your upcoming project! We have interns from every industry imaginable, from marketing to engineering. These interns are driven young people that want to succeed at all costs. They are extremely motivated to complete the internship In a satisfactory way. Your evaluation of their performance will have a heavy influence on the outcome of their study semester.

Grant an intern the opportunity and you will find that both parties benefit, many of our business partners are repeat intern hosts as they have identified real value in the relationship!


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