Internship in Johannesburg or Pretoria

An internship in Johannesburg or Pretoria, will give you an opportunity to work and live in the economic heart of South Africa and the gateway to the rest of Africa. Go Internship will arrange your internship, student accommodation, car rental, sim card and adventure travel. We are you internship support on the ground where the Spirit of Africa meets the developed world. Any type of internship you can imagine is available in Jozi (pet word for Johannesburg)!


Johannesburg is truly the financial powerhouse of Africa, with 74% of multinational headquarters being situated there of all multinational firms in South Africa, some of those multinationals being, Coca-Cola, Mac Donalds, Toyota and Deutsche Bank. The City contributes 17% to the GDP of South Africa through retail, manufacturing and service industries.


The city is serviced by 2 major international Airports, a world class road and rail system, and other first world developed infrastructures. The City is also linked to South Africa’s largest sea port, Durban through a massive container depot at City Deep, in the centre of Johannesburg.


There are 990 millionaires worth more than 10 million US Dollars living in Johannesburg and Pretoria. While, on an internship in Johannesburg, you will see mansions behind, landscaped gardens, high walls and electric fences, worth millions. This is the world of the super-rich on the one hand and the very poor on the other.

Internship in Johannesburg at a Kaizer Chiefs game     An internship in Johannesburg Skyscrapers


Johannesburg itself started off as a mining town which expanded to become a bustling megalopolis (a huge city made of cities)it is today. The largest Gold mine in the world is in close proximity of the City. The City is also home to Soweto, a semi-informal city in its own right, and the humble birthplace of both Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, two great Freedom leaders in South Africa. You will learn a of a rich history while on an internship in Johannesburg.

Fun in the City of Gold

Areas like Sandton, are a shopper’s paradise. Super-malls are abundant in an urban, affluent jungle of millions of trees. This area is the home of the rich and famous. Enjoy Chic Nightclubs, fancy restaurants and street cafes. “Joburg” as they call it, never sleeps, with international DJs playing for local super-clubs until the early hours of the morning. An internship in Johannesburg is an exciting journey into the heart of South Africa!

An internship in Johannesburg or Pretoris will allow to visit Hartebeespoort Dam     See mansions while on an internship in Johannesburg, South Africa

Adventure travel and activities

The cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria both offer adventure travel activities, including driving out to Hartebeespoort Dam, to water ski, or just laze on luxurious speedboats while gazing at mansions lining the water. Other Activities include driving racing cars at Kyalami race track owned by Porsche or any activity you could imagine. Let Go Internship arrange you real adventure travel, an internship in Johannesburg does not need to be boring.

Student accommodation

Student accommodation is important while on an internship in Johannesburg. We know the city well and have an excellent portfolio of properties ranging from houses, apartments and rooms that offer comfort to interns. Let Go Internship arrange your home away from home.

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