For just €450

The initial Skype Meeting is FREE. Afterwards, if you decide to use our  services, you pay a 250 Euro deposit. No cure, no pay. If we can’t find a suitable internship for you, we return your deposit.

Once we have found you a suitable internship and you have had a Skype with them and you are satisfied, you pay another 200 Euros.

For the total of 450 Euros you receive:


  • Internship mediation assistance
  • Student accommodation arrangement
  • Airport pickup
  • Car rental mediation assistance
  • Sim card and mobile orientation
  • Neighborhood orientation with shops, driving to work route etc


  • Student accommodation deposit
  • Student accommodation monthly rental
  • Food and drink, groceries
  • Any extra expenses involved
  • Living costs
  • Go Group activities and adventure travel

We offer:

How it works?

An internship in Africa process map

1.Click Apply Now!. 2. We arrange a FREE Skype meeting. 3. we search our database. 4. You GO on an internship in Africa!

For just 450 Euro, we arrange your internship, student accommodation, car rental, sim card and adventure travel!

Click ‘Apply Now!’ for a free Skype meeting!