Internship Visa

At Go Internship Africa, we consult directly with you on internship visa requirements for African countries. We do not publish any form of specific criteria or requirements on this page, as African countries like South Africa continuously change their requirements. Go Internship continually monitor visa requirements for African countries in order to assist our clients.


Internship visa requirements that are always generally necessary:


• Medical insurance in target country for internship – we have an official representative to help you!
• A return ticket
• proof of funds in your bank account
• no prior conflicts with immigration authorities of target internship visa country
• Proof of reason for visiting – e.g. internship contract of company, formal invitation

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Face-to-face Skype

Other requirements or criteria necessary for visas will be discussed during Skype meetings or direct mail. Please remember an internship visa application is a process.

Responsibility of visa

It should be noted that although we have never had a student turned back in the past. We are not responsible for client visa applications as we cannot be. The client makes the final decisions! Only the legal body or entity requesting the visa can be such as the Client. We are here however, to assist with latest information and advice from previous experience with an internship visa application.

internship visa map      A great internship vida destination is Cape Town, South Africa

Email responsiveness

Please make sure you act quickly with providing us with the information we request. We can only help you if you stay in contact throughout your application. Don’t leave things until the last minute. Apply early, stay in constant contact and let us guide you. An internship Visa does not have to be a nightmare.

South Africa

South Africa in particular with the Zimbabwean crisis next-door, has changed their requirements frequently. At the moment, the entire immigration policy is under review. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update our clients as we receive more information. Please note that it is still easy to enjoy an internship in South Africa. Let us help you get an internship visa for South Africa.

We offer assistance with:

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