18 Mar

My First Week on an Internship in Cape Town

How was my first week while on an internship in Cape Town?

Internship in Cape Town: First things, first, Cape Town, the “Mother City” is a city for everyone! interns flock to this city to seek adventure and great internships from large multinationals to large and medium local firms. Any internship you can imagine, is available here! Cape Town was also voted the most sought after tourist destination in the World for 2014 by both The New York Tribune and the British Guardian Newspapers, and this year it is crowned as the Adventure Capital of World! I arrived exactly one week ago and this is my guide, the story of Maxime Marie, while on an internship in Cape Town!

Food and Wine

First you need to know that Food and drink is huge in Cape Town! Surrounded by vineyards, and populated by film stars, this city offers everything culinary from organic craft food markets to fine dining experiences on wine estates.
The Biscuit Mill was the first craft food market I visited with an atmosphere of local foodies and live music while sipping fine wines or craft beer. Any type of cuisine you can imagine is here! I will definitely make this my destination for my first date!

Table Mountain

While exploring different parts of the City, you always notice the famous Table Mountain! It’s an incredible feature on the skyline, almost one of the 7 wonders of the world! Ever present and majestic during your internship in Cape Town. Whether you take the cable car or hike up one of the many routes, this great mountain will live in your heart forever! The clouds that often form, cascade down like a waterfall adding to the magic. There are more plant species up there than the entire Northern Hemisphere and the views are breathtaking!

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Nightlife while on an internship in Cape Town!

If you want to discover the nightlife of the mother city, you need to stop at Long Street. It is ‘the place to be’, for partying!. From Wednesday to Sunday, this street is always full of people, every night, all the bars are open. You will typically start with an after work drink from 6 p.m to 10 p.m at the local bistros or cafes and then you will continue your festivities in a bar and finally in nightclubs.

Long Street is a cosmopolitan mix of people; you can meet South Africans, Americans, Europeans, almost every culture is brewing in the street, and that gives it a truly international vibe! You can easily book accommodation in Long Street because there are guesthouses all along the street, and it’s very cheap, so drink away!

I was lucky that my first week coincided with the famous Carnival of Cape Town, this is the biggest carnival on the whole African continent, and I saw many colored floats and colourful South Africans that make up the “Rainbow Nation’. It was a fantastic show to say the least and if you can, try and make it to Cape Town for this spectacular event! People line the streets, including many international interns!

Events are are popular with locals and foreigners in Cape Town. Every weekend you will find some festival or event to enjoy, including the famous open air concerts at the Kirstenbosch Gardens or Shimmy Beach Club!

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Another aspect to the Mother City, is the Waterfront! This working harbour is populated by restaurants, boutiques and high- end stores offering international brands like Gucci, LVMH, Nike, Adidas, Zara and H&M!. While on an internship in Cape Town, make sure you spend some currency here as with the exchange rate, you win!
Cape Town is a vibrant city, where you can always find something to do, at any time of the day. For example, on Sunday, we went to a Garden Party in Waterfront, we were in a quiet place in front of the ocean, eating healthy food, with singers and acoustic music. Just the chilled vibe we were after!

Cape Town is a city for interns from all around the world. You have all the elements you need to enjoy your internship in South Africa. “This is a pretty and singular town; it lies at the foot of an enormous wall (the Table Mountain), which reaches into the clouds, and makes a most imposing barrier. Cape Town is a great inn, on the great highway to the east.” – Charles Darwin in a letter to his sister, Catherine, 1836

An internship in cape Town is an amazing experience, click here for more information!

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