08 Sep

Shoot and Braai – Internship in Cape Town

While on an internship in Cape Town, Go Group Activities are great adventures

Saturday’s Go Group Activities included shooting at a gun range, with a real Glock 17 Gen 4 (pistol) at a steel plate! Thereafter, the Go Group was taken for a sunset braai (barbeque) that went on late into the evening under the stars. These events are held monthly, exclusively for Go Internship interns.

Internship in Cape Town activities:

The Internship Shoot

The shooting range is an open range, interns enjoy the sunlight and fresh air while shooting. The steel plate offered loud Gong noises on impact, making the target a reactive target – adding to the exhilaration!  The Glock 17 gen 4 is one of the most famous modern pistols, and certainly added to the atmosphere, with 9mm calibre rounds or bullets … Bang!

Shooting on an internship in Cape Town

Internship in Cape Town shoot!

The students are first instructed in basic functioning of the pistol and then they practice without live ammunition. Once they have shown that they are proficient enough to handle the gun safely, real ammunition is added to the equation.  Then the moment they have all been anticipating: BANG, BANG GONG! A direct hit on the steel Plate! What an adventure while on an internship in Cape Town!

The distances of the targets were varied to make the day more challenging. All the students found it difficult past 15 m except for Benji. Benji is a champion shooter back home in the Netherlands (pictured), he managed  to shoot like a professional marksman even at 25 m, to the delight of the group.

The Internship Braai

After the shoot, the Go Group was taken to a secluded beach spot for a traditional South African sunset Braai or barbeque.  Thai chicken wings, herb butter infused sirloin steaks, and sticky marsh-mellow Malva pudding, cooked on the braai over hot coals was the order of the evening.  A real treat while on an internship in Cape Town.

An internship in Cape Town at Kogel Bay

The majestic bay at Kogelberg Bay

The scenic beauty of the surrounding Kogelberg Mountains, was awe-inspiring to say the least. The taste of the first ice-cold, crisp beer while watching the fire was soothing after the day’s action and adventure!. The orange-pink sunset over the sea gave way to a star-studded sky surround by majestic mountains climbing steeply on either side.

Internship in Cape Town braai at Kogel Bay

As the fire burnt, the students reflected on their shooting adventure earlier in the day.  The loud stories died down as the food was served, prepared by a chef or braai-master, the feast began.

The evening came to an end with everyone around the fire. Watching the flames dance, bush TV at its best.

To enjoy an internship in Cape Town, click Apply Now! Stay tuned for the next Debrief of a Go Group Activity. Future activities involve hiking to the Red Waterfall, Canyoning in Suicide Gorge, Sky Diving, Shark Cage Diving and much more!

Just GO for it!

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