Student Accommodation in Cape Town

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is part of any internship in Africa. Go Internship Africa has established portfolio of properties that offer interns comfort, spaciousness and a home away from home. The accommodation we provide is also screened to be safe, and often has 24-hr security monitoring.


We provide student accommodation in a reasonable proximity of the internship itself, in most cases. When this is not possible, we ensure that the housing is on a public transport route such as My Citi Bus in Cape Town or near the Gautrain in Johannesburg.

Rental Prices

Student Accommodation in StellenboschMany foreigners believe that student accommodation in South Africa will be cheaper because of their stronger currency. It should be outlined here that areas such as Cape Town have a high demand for properties by local and foreign investors, thus driving up housing pricing. Johannesburg for instance, has many of its housing behind high walls and in security estates due to South African culture being concerned with the potential of crime, again driving up prices.

Value for Money

What interns can expect however is a larger size than average housing in Europe for the same price, even when converted. So for a decent rental price in Cape Town, for example, for a single, fully-furnished, individual apartment, an intern would be looking at R7000 (350 Euro)in the safe and middle class areas of Cape Town. Double roomed apartments would be in the price range of R9000 (800 Euro)upwards. Both these options would be fully furnished. It pays in some cases to share.

Sharing for lower budgets

Cheaper rates are available if an intern would like to share a “digs” or student house, then an intern would be looking at R3500 (250 Euro) for just the single room. The kitchen, living room and bathroom would be communal or shared. We do not advise this, as many a time digs or communal student accommodation becomes a distraction.

Issues with short-term rentals

Short term rentals are also an issue in South Africa. South Africans prefer full year leases on average. The problem is overcome by Go Internship’s portfolio of properties, as we understand that internships will last for the duration of 4 to 6 months on average.

Let us take care of you!

Let Go Internship arrange your accommodation and allow you to be rest assured that you will have a comfortable, clean and fully furnished home away from home.

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Student accommodation example of a bedroom

For safe, comfortable student accommodation ...

Student accommodation should be a home away from home.