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Surfing Trips Cape Town

Surfing Trips during Internship Cape Town

Cape Town offers you many outdoor places including many surfing areas. After an exhausting week at your internship company, surfing is the perfect way to come at ease with the sun hanging over your head and challenging waves. Thanks to its location Cape Town provides some of the best surfing spots worldwide. GO Placements arranges such surfing trips for you during an internship in Cape Town! Below you will find a list of diverse surfing areas which you can visit during an internship in Cape Town.

Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the most popular surfing areas in Cape Town because of its consistent waves. During holidays and weekends this beach is full of surfers of all kind. From beginners to more experienced surfers, you will all find them on this sandy beach. GO Placements organises regularly surfing trips to this lively beach!

Long Beach Surfing Trips

Long Beach, a place for all kinds of surfers.


If you do not have that much experience in surfing, you should go to the famous Muizenberg. With its relatively small but consistent waves, it is a perfect spot for beginners. This is not only a surfing area, but also a well known beach for taking a sunbath. There are numerous places to get a coffee or cocktail. It makes this surfing place diverse as well as fun and relaxed at the same time.

Muizenberg Surfing Trips

The beautiful and crowded Muizenberg.

Scarborough Beach

Although not known by many people, Scarborough Beach offers excellent waves for average-level surfers. Almost only locals seem to know this place giving advantages. The beach never gets crowded, in contrast to Muizenberg. There is enough place for kite surfing, flying kites and other sports activities. As part of our surfing trips, GO knows how to get you to this lovely area.

Scarborough Beach Surfing Trips

The quiet but lovely Scarborough Beach.


If you would like to challenge the sea with its gigantic waves, Dungeons is the place for you. You will not find beginners here, the sea is just too hard for them. Even experienced and hardcore ones have to overcome their feelings of fear to actually jump into the water. This spot can be your next challenge after you have practised a lot in the previous surfing areas.

Dungeons Surfing Trips

Dungeons, a perfect spot for experienced surfers.

GO Placements arranges such surfing trips during an internship in Cape Town!

From rough to beautiful beaches, Cape Town offers many great surfing spots. It does not matter what your taste is, there is a suitable surfing place for everyone regardless your level. GO Placements organises surfing trips, from Long Beach to the Dungeons area, during your internship in Cape Town! Contact us, for more information.

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